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Health professionals by degree, both of us have a soft heart for animals as well as people. Early in our marriage, we established a goal of having a big house in the country where our children could grow up and enjoy all aspects of the rural life. Along with that came a parade of many pets - dogs of various breeds, cats with kittens, horses, ponies, goats, and even a mule. All of this was fun, but none was profitable.

Our only claim to income was a small horse boarding business that was labor intensive and not successful, plus our meager tobacco base that the government continued to whittle down each year until it became nonexistent. 

The desire to make our 52 acre farm productive began to look positive when we spoke with our county extension agent who mentioned raising alpacas. “What is an alpaca?” we asked. 

The question led to our quest to discover the answer. It wasn’t long before we were online researching, then on the phone making calls, and later on the road visiting alpaca farms. Our pursuit for an alpaca herd began!

Though we have grown our herd and our knowledge base, we continue to carefully  breed huacuaya alpacas with genetics from top herdsires. In pursuing this goal, we talked to numerous, well-seasoned breeders, read extensively, and studied breeding patterns of the past. Next we  focused on fine, lustrous fleece combined with proper conformation. Present day breeders have spent numerous hours mentoring us in developing our hands and eyes to distinguish these characteristics. Lastly, we worked to develop a herd that respectfully follows those who have gone before us to establish a healthy, beautiful alpaca while adding accoyo and Peruvian genetics to our Bolivian and Chilean lines.   We strive for hybrid vigor, knowing that alpacas from each of the South American countries bring a superior trait to the gene pool.  Our vision for the future is to maintain a quality alpaca fiber herd to produce yarns for our on site Yarn & Fiber Store.  Along with that, we will maintain a strong flock of cormo wool sheep to enhance our current line of yarns.

Greg, a graduate of the Physician Assistant program at the University of Kentucky, is a CRM (cardiac rhythm management) rep for Boston Scientific.

Linda graduated from Northern KY University with an associate degree in nursing.
She has also taught for public and private high schools and area vocational schools,
but now works as an alpaca/sheep farmer and manages the Eagle Bend Yarn & Fiber Shoppe.

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