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Stud Fee: $2,500

From hemiaccoyo lineage, we have a breeding male with Hemingway genetics, Pachacuti, Haldane, Caligula, Victor..... well, that's a good beginning. His first year fleece had an amazing AFD of 14.8 and he has held on to that fineness of micron as he is maturing. Laced with consistent well-defined crimp architecture, his fleece is luscious and very desired. With a nice head on a conformationally correct frame, he just has it all. He has had a successful showing in competition after competition, and is now proving himself in the breeding field. His mother is a show champion, as is his father. We expect no less from him and his progeny, and by the way, his first offspring has hit the ground. A medium fawn female, at her early age, we can see she too, will be a show ring contender. Incorporate hemiaccoyo genetics in your herd to obtain fine-microned offspring! He is co-owned with Perfect Timing Alpacas. Schedule your breedings today! 

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